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History of the C.A.I.

The History of the German International Club of
the Principality of Monaco


As a successful German hotelier abroad, Karl H. Vanis felt he had to do something for his native Germany as well as for his guest country Monaco. He wanted to unite people having the same ideas with the aim of promoting social and human encounters, culture and charity. So he founded in 1973, in agreement with the Monegasque Government and the support of its first committee, the German International Club of the Principality of Monaco under the Honorary Presidency of Their Serene Highnesses Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace Patricia of Monaco.
Since its creation, three presidents have marked the history of the C.A.I. - Consul General Rudi Mehl (1973-1979), Honorary Consul Christine Esswein, (1979-1994), as well as the current President, Mr Karl H. Vanis (1994–2017).

Since May 2005, the C.A.I. has been pursuing its activities under the Honorary Presidency of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. Very close ties have always linked the Club with the Prince’s Family and the Monegasque Institutions. Uncountable personalities were received and honored during the last decades, among them, the heads of politics, art, culture, the international sports scene or the world of business.
Today the C.A.I. counts 240 members from 26 countries and its principal interest lies in the promotion of cultural, social and charity events, especially in Monaco, as well as the German-French friendship. The programs available to its members each year, include as many as 25 events and one foreign destination more or less far away.

Munich, London, Istanbul, Madrid, Dubai, New York, Berlin, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Brussels, Amsterdam, Mallorca, Bordeaux, Paris, Rome, 40 trips, all rich in events and of great cultural quality.

La Revue, the annual magazine of the C.A.I., offers in four languages, a retrospective on the events having taken place over a year’s twelve months, each of them reflecting its requests for Quality, Elegance, Dynamism, Respect and Generosity.
Highly motivated, the German International Club keeps searching for new ideas aimed at strengthening the friendship links among its own members while increasing their visibility to the residents of the Principality of Monaco and the residents of the French and Italian Riviera. 

After 45 years of “Charity” as Secretary General, Vice-President and President of the Club, Karl H. Vanis will retire at the end of the year 2017 and wishes the Co-Presidents 2018-2020 Beatrix Freifrau von Dellingshausen and Patrick Wetzel all the best and success for the future.

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